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School Management Software

for school ,college and coaching

ZeroERP Education is the one stop solution for any type of educational institutes to automate data management process. Whether you are looking for the best school ERP for school, college or coaching institute, the dedicated and experienced team at ZeroERP knows well how to stand on the expectations of their clients and therefore, develops a user-friendly and secure school erp.

Manually written data which is prone to numerous errors has arisen the need to adopt the automated and cloud-based school management software for educational institutes. School ERP offered at ZeroERP ensures that all information needs to be stored electronically and school management system is a trouble-free process.

Along with school management software it provides a school app with multi lingual environment with current support to English,Hindi,Urdu,Marathi,Spanish as it is designed for multiple languages.

School management App Features

Multilingual school management software

This software is multilingual-English, Hindi,Urdu,Spanish.

Homework Entry school management software

Easy homework tracking for teachers and parents.

Timetable Entry school management software

Parents and students can easily be updated about their timetable

Transport Detail Entry school management software

Easy to keep a track on transport details for school management.

Fee Management school management software

It will be easy to keep record of students fee with this software

school management app
school management software school bus tracking system

You can track location of your vehicles through gps tracking system included in our software.

school management software Messaging

Your student,teacher, parent can communicate with each other.

school management software Library Management

You can keep a track for all the books available in library as well as their issue and return.

school management software Manage Staff

You can manage all your staff details and control their access permission for the software

school management software Exam Data Record

You can manage all the exam details and can also create report of students from our school management software

How does ZeroERP school software work for institutes?

ZeroERP simplifies the interaction between Parents and teachers as well as reduces data entry effort through mobile or tablet.     
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School App

Best school app In early 90’s people used to manage every piece of information in a piece of paper which used to require a lot of time and money to maintain them. But now everything is possible on fingers with few

Zeroerp Web Features

Zeroerp Web Features

TIMETABLE TRANSPORT LOCATION TRACKING Dashing Dashboard Simple and easy to use dashboard design for the user, you can easily recognize key features and experience convenient navigation. It will provide you with the setup instruction as well as help videos for

school administration app

IOS app features

IOS School App Feature Technology has benefitted in every aspect of our life from healthcare, transport, education, social communication to finance and much more.It has completely transformed education system from traditional to smart education. One such example is Zeroerp software.

This app is very nice to school , staffs , students and also parents . It is very useful for parents to know the homework because some students are there who don't tell to there parent so it is very nice. I am thank ful to for opening this app

Sapna Kure Parent

Student Attendance Management

student attendance entry

Entry of examination marks:

Faculties can easily create an online exam for student and student is able to perform exam according to their availability through an app or web software. They can also upload the results of examination directly on the school software so that parents and students will be able to view the results and progress of their child, they are provided with an instant notification to parents and teachers. Facility is available in Android app, Ios App and web software.

Examination Management in Android App

Works super on a tablet !! This is the only school management software that has an app which is simple to use , works out now all devices and has tonnes of features. Extremely simple . Great product. " Google Play Store "

Google Play User Manager

Entry of Attendance

With the help of school software offered by ZeroERP, you will be able to keep track of the attendance of students and staff regularly on the excel sheet. With the help of school management software app staff can easily upload students attendance and can easily view the report. In fact, you will be able to inform parents about the attendance record of their children via message or email through school app and software. This facility is available for all three web software, Android app and Ios App

Attendance Management in Android app.

Exam Management

Exam marks entry


Zeroerp is a school assistant software with all the support to understand its features and use it. A user has many options like blogs, videos and online support for their queries and problems. A user can visit our social media

Zeroerp School Management FAQ

ZEROERP WEB FAQ How to register in web application ZeroERP?   How to register in web application ZeroERP? How to do setting in software? How to add class and section? How to create subject in ZeroERP? How to do Student

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