digital literacy
Technology is revitalizing the global economy.It has been a transforming factor for many of the developing countries.It has helped move developing countries towards a sustainable growth, digitalization, better usage of non-renewable resources, innovative methods of recycling , providing basic amenities like roads, electricity,food, water which in turn benefit people of that nation.
Still, many of the developing benefits of improved governance, digital availability, better healthcare facility and educational opportunity are far beyond for remote communities.Although we have driven to a long distance, we still need to travel to reach our destination of a perfect nation.
Some core areas to consider are-

  • HealthCare-It is one of the important areas to involve technology for the better medical facility to citizens, reduce the death rate, improve medical instrument and qualified doctors and nurses.Nowadays mobile technology provides an unlimited information about diseases, its prevention, and protection. For the betterment of people thousand’s of apps are developed. We just need to educate people for providing best healthcare solutions online. With the help of technology, we can bring great changes by teaching life saving skills to people till medical facility arrives with the help of technology and thus saving many lives.
  • Environment-As global carbon emission saw no growth in last year, India is the country who grew by 5.2%. Today as we are experiencing climate change it is high time to not only stop the growth of emissions but also to reduce it with the involvement of renewable resources and better technology.
  • Education- Education is the sector which will bridge the differences between developing and developed countries.It is the only sector which impacts all the other areas be it health care, environment, economy, finance,governance,GDP,sustainable growth of country or any other area. It is a silver bullet sollution for a nation to involve every citizen in improving countries growth.
3 ways technology can transform Developing Countries