Evaluation is an integral part of Education, Learning efficiency can only be derived by an efficient simple and integrated tool that allows a student to constantly monitor progress and evaluate his understanding of a topic.
Assignments are the method to revise, review and reinforce concepts taught in an educational institute, assignments complement teaching and are an integral part of an education institute.

Assignment evaluation and communication are usually a time-consuming activity for a school because this involves a lot of time and effort, most of which is related to logistics. Like giving assignment sheet, receiving completed assignment, grading and then communicating.

We must remember not all of this can be automated because there is a lot of interaction between a teacher and student that is an integral part of learning.
But simultaneously the administrative effort should be automated so the educationist need not carry bundles of paper around and hassle with keeping it in order. If the teacher needs to see through an old report it again becomes a major effort.

An online School management system can resolve this problem by simplifying entire assignment and evaluation management through web and mobile-based interface, assignments are provided to the student and also evaluation result is provided through an app.

In addition, online tests are integrated into the evaluation system that can simplify the entire evaluation process by providing a quick evaluation as soon as the online test is over. Most of the unit test can be simplified using this tool.

zeroerp education provides all the features to manage homework assignment and evaluation through app and web.

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Assignment Tracker and Evaluation System