Every parent struggles with this question sometime , in their quest for good education for their child  parents go through a long search based on some parameters that may or may not be the correct parameters to evaluate a school.

Education need varies widely across the globe yet bulk of the education institute follow set patterns of education , the parameters of evaluating institute needs to vary according to the curriculum. but simultanously some key things that needs to be part of education system are

School rankings

Two important criteria that needs to be followed are Innovation and focus on foundation

School Rankings 2

School management software can act as a bridge between all the different actors in a school system

Technology simplify operations of a school through school app  Thereby destroying the physical boundaries existing within a school and approach and ensure education for everyone.

Here are some criterias for a Good School

  • What is the vision : Not every school should have the same vision , in fact vision is the most under appreciated part of the school , so much that vision is almost never considered while choosing a school .
    • A Great sports oriented school may not have the same as a a good academic oriented one .
  • What is the IQ of School : A school also has an IQ just like an individual, Schools IQ ( Innovation Quotient ) is measured by its ability to promote and nurture innovative thinking.
  • Security : A key criteria for every education institute needs to be providing a protective environment for all the students.
  • Good Curriculum : Focus on foudation building Skills
  • Use of Technology :
  • Identification of Individual strength

Increasing education quality

What Makes a Good School

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