Education is fundamental to human progress.It plays an important role in all around development of individuals as well as society. It plays a key role in creating patriotic, disciplined and productive manpower.It is one of the factor that counts for a country to be developed or developing. Literacy improves an overall growth of country and thus its governments duty to provide a good and unbiased education to its citizen.

India has the great heritage of knowledge from thousand of years, knowledge has been flowing throughout the centuries. In ancient times india has to have a Gurukul sytem to teach students, classes used to be under a tree at time also we have great scientists, mathematicians, astronauts and done huge research for many inventions.

Though Indian education system is improving-day by day more emphasis has to be given on practical knowledge than relying on bookish one just to score maximum.

In our country exam results are based on the grades which help the students, to analyze their strength and weakness.Though grades make the environment of healthy competition but the competition lead students only mug up the concepts without understanding them.Without forgetting the pressure of family and friends because of which child undergoes an immense pressure of his/her grades as they are associated with the reputation of the family.

Indian education system needs improvement and instead of assignments and bulk homework there can be some activities to develop students skills and potential.Arrange aptitude tests,group discussions, debates etc, this will increase students confidence and make them ready to fight for the right opportunity.

Does method of education in India need Improvement?