Frequently Asked Questions about partnership

What is the meaning of white Label ?

Answer: White Label is a term used in Software industry to define a Software that does not show any make or Manufacturer. This way any company can put its own brand and sell the software. The end user will not be able to identify the original manufacturer

Why should one buy a white label product , instead i can develop my own ?

Answer: Its Definitely possible to develop your own product provided you are ready to have enough Resources , time, money ,skills etc.

  • You need to have required Technical and Functional Skills
  • You must have enough time to develop the product
  • The product will take some time to develop and become stable
  • You need to build a software development team , Testing Team
  • You need to buy server space , office space and other Costs associated with a fixed office space
Own SoftwareWhiteLabel
Time to DevelopGestation period is highImmediately available for sale
InvestmentHighVery Low
Skills requiredLots of skills required, Development , Testing , Support , Sales , Human resource etc..Only Sales skill is needed , rest is taken care by the vendor
ReliabilityMaturity takes long timeAlready mature product leading to high customer satisfaction
UpdatesNeeds to do yourselfAvailable automatically

Will i get the Source Code ?

If you are an Information Technology or Edutech organization and already have a team that can build and enhance functionality of ZeroERP . We will provide you with API’s that allow you to enhance the feature without modifying the source code.

You can build new features , build new apps , also change complete UI if required.

What is included in White label Partnership

Answer: Check details at partnership page

Will i be able to integrate online SMS as well as Online payment

Answer:Yes , you can ask your sms provider or payment gateway provider for integration details and we will facilitate the process

If i want to make some changes to the software for my region , can i do it ?

Answer: Yes , You can . There are following options you have !!

Option 1 Minor changes and generic requirements can be communicated and logged in Issue tracker provided by ZeroERP. We constantly enhance the product based on your feedback and incorporate the new features or improvements in the software , this is available to you automatically. Large changes or fast development cycle requirements needs to be discussed with our team and can be incorporated.

Option 2 Develop on top of ZeroERP using our broad based API, this will allow you to change update UI , build new functionality or even develop mobile / other apps as per your needs.

My Language is not listed , how can i add translation so that Software works in my Language

Yes , Translation phrases can be done for your local instance . Also for mobile app we will facillitate you with the translation

Will i get 24 7 Support

24 7 Support is available as a optional service , more partners opt for regular support that is free with SLA

Issue Categorization ( Only Bugs )

All number in working hours

Type Response Time Solution Time Description
Critical 4 24 System breakdown
High 24 72 Important functionality blocked
Medium 48 240 Workaround exists
Low 48 600 Nice to have

New Feature will be estimated and communicated accordingly.

Support Hours

10:00 AM to 8:00 PM Indian standard time

What is included in White Label solution

  • Hosting
  • Integration with existing website
  • ZeroERP Web solution with all features currently available
  • All future upgrades
  • Control panel, with list of registered customers
  • Android App with a Google Play Listing
  • API Access
  • Generic New Feature Requests
  • SMS Integration with one vendor

What if server crashes and i loose all my data and my clients

We are prepared for even a highly improbable scenario like this!!

Our Daily backup system automatically takes crucial database backup as well as takes the server backup, so even in the worst case scenario your data remains safe with us. You can rest easy because our servers are highly scalable and reliable which can scale up based on the load.

I am Convinced !! What are the next steps

Great !!

Join ZeroERP Revolution to grow your business and help education institute reap the benefit of simple management and automation of institute. between 10 to 30 Working days you will be ready with your own education management brand

First Step : Make Payment by Online bank Transfer. 50 Percent Payment needs to be made upfront

Second Step: Finalize a Domain name for your Product

Third Step : Map your Domain to the Server name provided by ZeroERP Education

Fourth Step: Provide your Logo for the Customized Mobile App

Fifth Step: Start Testing ZeroERP School management with your own brand and report bugs if any

Sixth Step: Transfer the Remaining Payment and Launch your brand

Reach us at or whatsapp +91 8109069226 during Indian Standard day time


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