zeroerp is a school app which provides a complete package of all the features that can be required by a school. It works as a bridge between school and parents to make their communication easy and fast. It provides all the school information and your students report on your fingertips. As this app is multilingual you have the opportunity to enjoy this app in your regional language and this makes the app more feasible and easy to use. It does not require parents to learn English or Hindi, they can easily acquire it in other languages.

It is a complete app which can be used by schools, colleges,coaching institute and universities to manage their students data as well as a medium to communicate.
This app works on cloud based application so it is not restricted to any device aor anyplace. every individual user who have an account can access it from anywhere or anyplace according to their whims and fancy.

From classwork updates to sports scheduling, homework,book details, scores and event and organization updates, zeroerp delivers every important information of school in a quick notification.

As a school owner it is a huge responsibility of students during a severe weather or crisis. At this time their is horde of calls from parents and it is a tedious job to attend each one of them and provide well-being of their child. This is were this app will help out by sending thousands of people with the notification or a simple SMS of compliant situation. As safety is an important factor this app consist of a GPS tracking system for school vehicles. So it would be very easy for school administrator to keep an eye on their school buses and to track their current location. This will be an extra assurance to parents about the security of their child.

This app comprises of all the database management related features. In this app students,teacher detail ,homework ,exam, fees, library details,timetable and all the office work can be maintained. This can be done with very less time and and requires less people to maintain as a result it saves a lot of expenditure which used to be required in early tradition method with pen and registers.

For a best thing to have in your school you need to empty small amount of bucks from your pocket. But it is a one time process and after that it lowers a lot of pressure of management . So try for it , we have a trial version of school app which provides all the features for free.

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