Gone are the days when schools used to be one room building with classroom having old broken blackboard, chalks and teaching used to be in an old traditional way. In the present time schools have changed in a vivid manner with the use of technology in education. Education technology involves various kinds of interactive teaching method with smart boards,  advanced school management software and school apps, audiovisual media and much more. The medley of technology with education improves the learning experience of students as well as empower teachers in their field.

Some of the techniques that are nowadays incorporated in schools are –

Smart phones-In this era smartphones plays a vital role in our life. Almost half of the day we are spending using these smartphones. Thus many of the schools and colleges provide an interactive education with the phones and IPads. There are hundred’s of school apps which provide online education in various fields. Student’s can access the internet and gain information online, read books or informative blogs. This is a source of information which is available all-time. Smartphones provide benefit if used smartly.

Smart Boards -smart boards are used by many schools who want to display things interactively to students. It provides a wireless screen sharing as well as non-touch design which gives easy usage to teachers and administrator. These smart boards are betokened of smart education in schools. As we know visual learning is more effective than the old traditional one, our brains are more capable of grasping images than text. so this is one of the techniques for making students learning experience more effective and easy.

School ERP- Usage of ERP for school management is also an important part of smart schools. schools which prefer to technically sound must ensure themselves to have a complete school management software for an administrator,  student, parent teacher. This software brings all the users on the same platform and thus their inter communication is verys easy. Smart schools must have school apps which provide a complete management tool along with chat facility and gps tracking of school vehicle. so this brings a complete package for a technically managed school.

So this is the time to check for the advanced techniques and transform your old traditional school to all new technically advanced smart school.

A positive impact of technology on education.