Education should be the key to open doors of innovation, and educators and teachers are the hand that guide it.

It can be safely concluded that an educational institute is as good as the teacher which ignite the passion of learning in the student. The teacher enables the student to ask the question and become a knowledge seeker.

The relation between student and teacher is supposed to be a close one so as to enable the student feel free to question and satisfy her curiosity for learning without any fear prejudice or mental block. This presupposes the ability of the teacher to understand each student and alter his teaching according to each one.

As education has become more corporatized this bond has weakened and teacher is struggling to cope up to connect with student at most schools. One of the reason is sheer number of students as well as the pressure of modern education that leaves little time for interaction due to more number of administrative tasks a teacher has to handle.

A school management software can simplify this by making sure that a teacher is not forced to spend time in activities that does not add value to his core task of education and simultaneously allow him to know the student better by digitally recording performance of a student as well as key events that help her/him make decisions regarding who needs more attention and which area requires assistance.

ZeroERP education is a complete suite that helps a student remind, focus and guide in its quest for knowledge without imposing strict rules and enable self-learning and disciplined effort to achieve a satisfactory performance.
Timely reminders enforce discipline and regular tests ensure that student is never out of sync with goals of education. Parents also are encouraged to interact and understand the learning process without putting any pressure on the child.

School on the other hand gets information that allows them to identify problems early through data analysis and gaps in the process. Timely information and alerts ensure that an individual is treated with utmost care in its forming years to help her understand that knowledge seeking is a lifelong pursuit and not a short term target.

Change of attitude will only ensure an educational institute becomes the guiding light that it aims for !!

Enabling educators through Technology