Zeroerp school management app is one of the best apps for managing details of the teacher, student, parent, non-teaching staff and administration.It provides a web interface as well as an android app to perform tasks.

School Management App

school management android app provides various functionality with respect to a different responsibility for a different user.This app can be used by multiple users on multiple devices.This is easy to use and safe for online management of data.

Due to online availability user can access their data from anywhere at anytime.
Parents are able to receive their student’s data about their attendance, homework, timetable and notifications from school on their fingertips.

Nowadays everybody uses a smartphone and to move along with the ever growing technology, we need to update our school management system with the new zeroerp school management app which fulfils all the needs regarding data management.

    Some of the features of Zeroerp-

  • User-Friendly- Easy to use interface with colourful display for student and parents.
  • Nature-Friendly- When you are using an online software to store all your data, you are reducing usage of paper, pen and helping to save environment.
  • Free Version- This free version of software include all our features for school management.
  • Time-saving App-In today’s fast world you need to cope with the speeding technology and competitive world by saving the time of your user and administrator. So you can compete with your competitor with this everlasting school management app. In this app, you can send notification to student teachers and parents with just one click which reduces your time from unnecessary work.

The user can download this school management android app from play store and then register their school from this app.This is all user needs to do and the app is ready to be used by the whole school with just a few clicks.

Link to download School Management APP

School management app

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