How Schools Should be Ranked : Part 2

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Maintaining Transparency is a key for a school to get on the path to the most important Goal for a Educational institute and that is Innovation !!


Innovation is the essence of a developed society , driving innovation needs to be the most important goal of a Educational system and education institute. Any great university is known by the number of innovators who are alumni of that institute. To drive innovation school management needs to understand that rote learning has its advantages but real difference comes when an individual is able to think beyond books and is able to question theories and develop ideas.

To drive Innovation a school needs to follow two important criteria s

  1. Building Foundation
  2. Igniting Innovation

Building Foundation

Language and mathematics are the core for studies , the basic principle needs to be taught in a manner so that a student is able to learn reading and calculation without putting undue strain with a plethora of derived subjects.  Good School Guide

Language learning by inculcating a habit of reading and providing online exams can help a school develop habit of reading with retention , it can make a institute constantly monitor the interest and problem areas for a child.

Mathematical concepts needs to be taught with a context that fits with real life and provides a simplified view devoid of theories and focus on learning to deal with numbers in real life

Igniting Innovation

The first step of igniting innovation is allowing a child to explore, exploration is a guided activity and needs to be tracked and nurtured using a school management system coupled with a School app , one important aspect of this needs to be that the Studies should be as much as possible in the language that a child is comfortable with !!  School app in hindi

The effort needs to be away from grammer or teaching history and should focus more on letting the kid move from one topic to other but without letting him fall of the radar . Evaluation process needs to keep pace without too much emphasis on number and grades but needs to measure Interest …..

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How Schools Should be Ranked : Part 2

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